me + apeture mode = LOVE

Well I was all excited and ready for my first shoot with a real person on Sunday, but with unexpected problems and a nasty day out, we concluded to reschedule for this Saturday. So as bummed as I was I figure it is for the best because my reflector I ordered might be in by Saturday so yay for the possibility of using it!!

Well I wanted to still take pictures so I set out to find a location to practice. practice. practice.

Another PSA here, do not go down creepy trails by yourself you will be scared at any sudden sounds (possum & rabbit) and have a creepy man stalk you. So with the creeper on my heels I picked up my pace and called the hubs, jumped in the truck locked the door and I was out of there. Then found just on the other side of the creek was a spot where people were fishing and walking the trails… so if anything was to happen there would be witnesses. haha. (and yes the creeper continued to watch me the whole time from the other side of the creek) but as soon as I saw the last family packing up their things I left as well…. no way was I staying around to see what would happen… got to be safe people.  This also made me think I need to start letting someone know exactly where Iam going to be going.. because seriously no one knew where I had gone.

Sorry done with the creeper talk,  back to the photography. I have found I have quite the obession with apeture mode. I LOVE it. seriously my husband needs to be jealous. Now those who have no clue what I am talking about apeture is the control of the “blurry” stuff… more blur less blur… all in apeture mode… now of course you can do this in photoshop but really people learn to use your camera 🙂 I am!

For more technical info go here.

Here are some of my pictures… again all unedited.

Well I will post some more pictures of my outing later this week… and maybe some edited ones… and not in apeture mode. I am just struggling because I do not have photoshop at home because I do not want to purchase it for the crappy laptop I have now… it impossible to work with… so unless I go up to the school I cannot edit. (I downloaded the trial on my laptop last night and it is terrible… well long story short my laptops screen has a white band on the bottom 1/3 well we have it connected to another screen and you can see the whole screen yet the quality is horrendous so I use the laptop for the screen until I need the bottom 1/3 then I squint my way through on the other monitor… it is seriously no way to work but with just getting my camera I am holding off on a new computer.

Well till next time!

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